Native American chief headdress ring

Chiefs head ring the headdress is made up of inlayed polished black onyx, coral, turquoise and mother of pearl stones height 32mm.

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Native American chief headdress ring

Native American chief headdress ring. This 32mm headdress ring is made up of inlayed polished black onyx, coral, turquoise and mother of pearl stones height.

We are pleased you have chosen to invest in an authentic piece of Native American Jewellery. We trust therefore you will be satisfied with the quality and workmanship of this product. If this Native American chief headdress ring is purchased for personal use or as a gift I hope you will treasure it. Furthermore I am sure you will appreciate the skill and dedication of the artist and craftsmen of New Mexico who fashioned this piece of jewellery.


We have designed a unique package for your special gift. This takes the form of an envelope closed with sealing wax, feathers, and embossed with a star representing the lone star state of Texas,

Care of Jewellery

Care should be taken to preserve the lustre of the silver and colour of the stone.  Black onyx is a gem stone and because like many gems it can damaged by chemicals and oily products treat it with respect. The possible consequence of using such aggressive solutions may result in the discolouration of the gemstone.  To minimise the damage therefore we recommend removal rings and bracelets before washing in detergents, chemical cleaning products and hand / body lotions.

We do not recommend a jewellery dip as this may affect the gemstones. We favour a silver polishing cloth, carefully avoiding the gemstones. If you need any advice we will be pleased to help.

Artist and Craftsmen

The Navajo nation began working with sterling silver during the 1800’s their creations were highly prized in England during the Victorian period. Today the Navajo’s are some of the finest silversmiths in the world. Their creations are noted for harmonious form and resonance of colour created by crafted turquoise, jet, mussel shell and coral.

The Zuni tribe specialise in needle point and inlay jewellery. The needle point creates spectacular floral patterns, and the inlay, a mosaic of turquoise, mother of pearl, jet and coral set in a silver base.

The Zuni tribe is also famous for its carved animal fetishes available individually or as necklaces and earrings.


Wampum specialise in Sterling Silver Native American jewellery and crafts. This Native American chief headdress ring is hallmarked. Wampum’s hallmark is retained at Sheffield UK Assay office. Hallmarking is not required if the silver content of less than 7.78 grams.

About Us

Wampum stock a range of genuine Native American Jewellery, including Bolo’s, Watch Tips, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings. I hand pick sterling silver jewellery from New Mexico. This handmade sterling silver jewellery is sought after and prized throughout most of the world. Furthermore in addition to jewellery, most Native American tribes also produce, craftwork including, pottery, tribal artefacts, artwork and beadwork

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