Large 580mm Antler Bowl Pipe

This is a large 580mm antler bowl pipe. The pipe stem is covered in hide
and highly decorated with beads charms a medicine bag and feathers. This special craft item is signed Dorithia Sushterno Navajo.

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Large 580mm Antler Bowl Pipe

This is a large 580mm antler bowl pipe. The pipe stem is covered in hide
and highly decorated with beads charms a medicine bag and feathers. Dorithia Sushterno of the Navajo made and has signed this large 580mm antler bowl pipe.

We are pleased you have chosen to invest in an authentic piece of Native American craftwork. If you purchase this unique item of craftwork for yourself, you will have acquired a hand crafted pipe of excellence in quality, style, and design. If this is a gift, to a loved one or friend, we trust they will be totally satisfied with your selection. In addition I am sure you will appreciate the skill and dedication of the artists and craftsmen of New Mexico, who fashioned sculptured large 580mm antler bowl pipe.


We have designed a unique package for your special gift. This takes the form of an envelope decorated with sealing wax, feathers, and embossed with a star representing the lone star state of Texas. In this instance the packaging is too small to accommodate this large 580mm antler bowl pipe but will be included with the pipe.

Wampum Native American Jewellery- Large 580mm Antler Bowl Pipe

Wampum Unique Packaging

Care of Jewellery

To preserve the lustre of the silver a please treat with care. Additional care should be taken to maintain the brilliance and sparkle of the semi-precious stones . Most of the stones used in the jewellery including, turquoise, mussel shell, and quahog etc, are classified as semi-precious stones. It is pertinent to note; oily products and certain chemicals can damage semi-precious stones. To minimise the damage, before washing hands in detergents, or other cleaning products, or even applying hand or body lotions, we recommend removal of jewellery including rings and bracelets.

We do not recommend a silver jewellery dip as this may affect the gemstones. We favour a silver polishing cloth, carefully avoiding the gemstones. If you need any advice we will be pleased to help.

Craft products are more durable, but care should be taken when handling.

Artist and Craftsmen

In the Victorian era, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows were touring England. Following the success of these shows, the popularity of all things American flourished. Navajo found their market and their silver jewellery became very popular and highly prized. Today, with their traditions and skills, the Navajo silversmiths are amongst of the finest craftsmen in the world. They create silver jewellery with a harmony of form, using crafted turquoise, jet, mussel shell and coral.

Furthermore, there are many other tribes in New Mexico, and Arizona making jewellery and crafts. The Zuni make two distinct styles of jewellery, inlay and needlepoint. Needle point jewellery uses precisely cut polished stone flowers set in silver. This copies the needle and thread stitched flowers on a tapestry.

The Zuni also make exquisite inlayed jewellery. They use a mosaic of turquoise, mother of pearl, jet and coral set in a silver base. In addition to their skills with jewellery the Zuni tribe is also famous for its carved kachinas. They also carve animal fetishes for either earrings or necklaces.

Craftwork is extensive among all tribes enhancing their products with beadwork, feathers and fetishes. This large 580mm antler bowl pipe and a very good example of the care taken to provide a unique flavour of their culture.


We use the Sheffield Assay Office to test the silver of our jewellery for purity. The Assay Office cannot hallmark silver, when combined with base metal products. Watch faces have stainless steel cases. The Assay Office at Sheffield currently holds our hallmark. The current use of lasers has made the actual stamping unnecessary. For the first time, this allowed hallmarking of Zuni inlay jewellery, without popping out the stones.

About Us

We at Wampum stock a range of genuine Native American Jewellery and crafts. In brief these are bolos, watch tips, bracelets, rings and earrings. In addition, and to ensure complete satisfaction, I handpick all the products on my site. It is my intention to provide the highest quality product at a fair price establishing Wampum as the name for quality. Since 1993 I have travelled to New Mexico to experience the culture of the local tribes. The crafts include dream catchers, pots, pipes, kachinas, dance sticks, rattles, and medicine bags.

Manufacture of jewellery in New Mexico has been one of the major occupations for the local tribes. Furthermore, in addition to jewellery, most Native American tribes also produce, craftwork including, pottery, tribal artefacts, artwork and beadwork


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